Our Vision

A healthy hive in which all play their part.


We believe that we, the citizens of Minneapolis have everything we need to further create our city as a safe, vibrant, equitable and inclusive society. This is a Minneapolis in which every member of our municipal family has fundamental worth and a fair chance to gain access to all that our beautiful city has to offer.

We stand for a healthy, environmentally sustainable city where the highest Minnesota values around clean air, water and green space are put to work in all areas of city development—both natural and material.

We know that Minneapolis is a city capable of enacting the truest progressive values of hard work, equality, diversity, unmitigated inclusion and balanced market practice. It is with these beliefs that we dedicate our campaign to the renewal of the city's covenant with its people and the development of a new business plan for Minneapolis.

Our vision for this great City of Lakes is that of a healthy bee hive—a hive in which every member has value and purpose. No individual group or member is greater nor more important than the other in his or her contribution to the sustained productivity of the community. It is in the equal opportunity to access a proper education, healthy food options and dignified employment that we are all able to benefit, and thus contribute to the long term sustainability and economic vitality of our great American city.

We are the United People of Ward 7: Downtown West, Elliott Park, the Nicollet Ave. 'Eat Street' gateway, Loring Park, Loring Heights, Lowry Hill, East Isles, Cedar-Isles-Dean, Kenwood and Bryn Mawr.

Ward 7 and its people represent a vast, historically significant, socially and economically diverse snapshot of the economy and citizenry of Minneapolis. We are the city's center and ground zero for much of the debate around gentrification, renters rights, inequality and safety that is currently taking place on social media and at city hall.

We understand the large socioeconomic spectrum that is Ward 7, and believe in exploring those issues and nuanced concerns that bring the ward together—unified behind common values, goals and aspirations. Our campaign seeks to bridge the divides that hold us back and distance us from balanced development and broadened prosperity.

My name is Teqen Zéa- Aida and these are the values I share with my community. I am asking for your support and your vote on November 7th as I run to be a voice for my neighbors and city in the Minneapolis City Council for Ward 7.

Please stand with me—together we will work to shape a Minneapolis that we can all be proud to call home.

Ph. Nathan Yungerberg

Ph. Nathan Yungerberg