Standing for the values that hold our community together.


Incentivising an Equitable, Inclusive, Thriving Business Environment

Jobs, Equity, Workplace Diversity and an Investment in Employees and Downtown

  • Advocating for the encouragement of and investment in Indigenous, POC, Immigrant and Women owned Business
  • Actively engaging the business community, social advocacy groups and the community at large in order to find the middle path towards establishing an actual living wage (including dialogue around tip designations) scaled to and for various local industries and business models
  • Exploring secured scheduling
  • Advocating the development of mechanisms that incentivize a true commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Advocating zoning & licensing relief for local businesses paying special attention to POC, Immigrant and Women owned businesses and those that employ with a commitment to equity and inclusion 
  • Actively attracting, encouraging and promoting both local and national business entities inside the downtown district, throughout 7 and the city
  • Create and incentivize a safer, more beautiful and exciting downtown business environment that stimulates growth, attracts positive attention and offers results


Community Safety and Police Accountability

*Safety Beyond Policing*

  • Exploring new and effective officer training with emphasis on de-escalation, and use-of-force regulations
  • Mandatory body cams
  • Instating new and effective diversity and cultural awareness programs
  • Exploring effective ways to back up our police with help from mental-health professionals
  • Enhancing community / City / Police & Union transparency & engagement with regards to contract negotiations, initiatives, crisis management and oversight
  • Renew the commitment to safety and protection for the Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ people, Immigrants, disabled people and the elderly
  • Funding the non-militarized greater visibility of engaged, friendly "beat cops" throughout the community
  • Advocating for officers to reflect and be connected to the communities they serve
  • Enacting a No Tolerance Policy for racism and abuse of authority, and holding those 100% accountable when a policy violation occurs
  • Advocating Professional Liability Insurance for all active officers
  • Exploring decriminalization policies
  • Addressing safety, bar-close policies and police engagement inside the Downtown Entertainment District (day and night)
  • Establishing a city where all feel safe


Giving Children a Great Public School Education  

Support for the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers 10 Point Plan

  • Beyond academics: educating the whole child
  • Smaller class size
  • Learning beyond test scores
  • Restorative practices where possible
  • Clean, healthy and energy efficient buildings
  • Full service community schools
  • Quality education for all- equity and inclusion
  • A commitment to fully funded schools
  • A living wage for all MPS employees
  • No less than a 30 minute recess

Housing and Equitable Development/Land Use

Tackling Gentrification and Establishing Considerate and Conscious City Wide Equitable Development and Land Use Policy

  • Establishing a development (non-gentrifying) policy that is considerate and conscious of the actual and existing community
  • Immediately working to increase the development of various levels of true affordable housing by advocating for the inclusive allocation of development project dollars and strengthening the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  •  Prioritizing mixed use development
  • Establish better zoning methods that encourage the development of the various levels of affordable housing that the market is demanding
  • Protecting "traditional" affordable housing structures
  • Creating a Better Ratio of low-income / (various) affordable / market-rate housing development in 7 and throughout the city
  • Exploring better management of, or a complete moratorium on new development (with emphasis on luxury and market value properties) in order to help stabilize property taxes and rental fees until better policy presents itself
  • Negotiating an assurance of a return on investment (value) for the community regarding new developments in the city—this means requiring more from our developer partners such as higher quality construction materials, mandatory renewable and other green technology, micro community developments and more
  • Initializing a firm dedication towards protecting the homeless, the disabled,  POC, Native, Immigrant, Elderly and Other At-Risk Communities with regards to housing development
  • Developing strategies such as Individual Development Accounts, home ownership/educational counseling, and community land trusts as a means to bring more people into home ownership and with a focus on women and minorities
  • Section 8 home ownership programs


New Policy For Renters and Landlords

Renters Equity and Reform

  • Advocating for rent control, rent stabilization and renters rights
  • Working with policy groups advocating city wide landlord/management company conduct and code enforcement
  • Explore where possible various landowner relief and reinvestment incentives that encourage equity and value for residents
  • Subsidized housing preservation
  • Advocating a renters first-right-of-refusal to purchase buildings/rental units should property owners want to sell as well as rent-to-own and cooperative opportunities
  • Explore managed rent/value ratios (rent increases / amenity upgrades)
  • Initializing a dedication to housing protections for Native, POC, Immigrant, Elderly, disabled people and other at-risk groups

Committed Environmental Advocacy

Energy and Environmental Stewardship

  • Shift the weight of responsibility for green, renewable and affordable environmental and energy innovation/ implementation and our energy goals from small business and residents towards our corporate partners, developers and the city
  • Work to ensure via policy that energy savings are received  at every level
  • Expand awareness and education for the public regarding community energy opportunities and incentivize conversion
  • Protect our prized natural resources—green space, parkland and waterways
  • Ensure that community organizations and the city have greater imput regarding the SWLRT line
  • Work with various groups to rethink and or soften the impact the SWLRT line
  • Advocating the immediate cessation of pesticides and the increased use of eco-friendly controls
  • Instituting a Healthy Hive Policy throughout the city including rooftop and green space beehives and a city wide pollinator initiative with special consideration for "problem areas," open green spaces and vacant lots
  • Expanding access to composting and recycling throughout the city
  • Advocating for more “Wild and Native” green space
  • Expanding bicycle culture, awareness and a balanced shared streets policy


Transit Advocacy and Biking Initiatives

Balance On Our Roads and a Committed Partnership with the Metropolitan Council

  • Advocating expanded Metro Transit services and affordable fares
  • Championing bike culture, safety & city wide shared streets policy while enacting a review of existing and proposed bicycle infrastructure
  • Endorsing and decriminalizing Critical Mass
  • Advocating expanded Free-Ride bus zones, and more funding for low income transit riders
  • Advocating upgraded and climate-considerate transit facilities.
  • Developing much needed affordable housing along transit corridors
  • Working to expand summer ride programs for teens.
  • Exploring greater use of Ride-Share programs and expanding awareness and accessibility
  • Exploring smart Light Rail expansion opportunities
  • Instituting traffic calming measures and advocating pedestrian safety through approval of more crosswalks and pedestrian "traffic" signage

Our Urban Lifestyle and Inner City Culture

A City That Truly Is Special

  • Taking our city back and stimulating Minneapolis pride by developing a city wide marketing campaign in which we present and promote the city to the city by celebrating the rich diversity, culture, natural beauty that Minneapolis has to offer as well as education around rights, safety, decency and services
  • Bringing more value/ amenities to 7, especially to Elliott and Loring by adjusting zoning where needed to encourage more business, grocery, affordable restaurants and small neighborhood destinations
  • Tackling homelessness and advocating for the organizations that serve them
  • Advocating a pedestrian/green Nicollet Mall
  • Extending food truck zones/ food carts — relaxing the regulations and opening access
  • Advocating a citywide Urban Agriculture initiative/community garden program and encouraging full community engagement including the homeless and students
  • Expanding Community Based Farmer’s Markets
  • Advocating more "open streets" events, weekend bazaars and scheduled weekend waking/biking hours
  • Greater intersectional engagement by opening access to empty spaces
  • bolstering our urban  infrastructure
  • Enacting policy regarding the personal disposal of mattresses and other possibly contaminated house items
  • Advocate downtown and neighborhood music, culture and art festivals
  • Encouraging greater awareness of narcotic rehab programs
  • Sober housing reform
  • Elevating civic literacy
  • Partnering with our excellent community colleges, trade schools and universities in order to expose more youth and educate more adults in current in-demand trades and jobs of the future
  • Restoring the name of Hubert H. Humphrey to the US Bank Stadium as a symbol of our cherished municipal heritage
  • Honestly and wholeheartedly working to ease-if not reverse the over century and a half of racially motivated destructive policies aimed at limiting, belittling and disenfranchising communities of color, the indigenous and immigrants in Minneapolis